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This report shows you some of the techniques used in the Back Pain Free Days – 10 Day Ultimate Recovery Program. These techniques may change your life forever.

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WARNING ! Don't Even Think About Buying Another Backache Product Until You Read This...

If your back pain is keeping you worried about your health, mobility, confidence, self esteem and dignity, I have got great news for you ...

"Former Back Pain Sufferer Gains Permanent Back Pain Relief
In Just 10 Days! And Finally Reveals The Incredibly Simple, Step By Step Natural Lower Back Pain Treatment Program
To End Back Pain Forever. Reclaim Natural Inner Balance and
Achieve The Robust Back You Deserve!"

Truth: You have The Natural Ability To Change The Way You Now Live. You Can Restore Your Confidence and Self Esteem With A Recovered Healthy Back.

Real Testimonial

" I'm a lower back pain sufferer for a long time. I usually go to massage therapy and have to pay every time. But now, with your program , I can now heal the pain with my own hands and the exercises you recomended really helped me alot. I feel more confident on myself now. It worked very well for my back problem. I thank you Ken and for the techniques in your program.

C. Lopez,
Los Angeles CA


Real Testimonial

"I work as a mechanic in a bus garage, there is often heavy lifting involved. I do get "twinges" in my lower back occasionally that , when this happens, carries on for a week or two. I recently had these and apply the acupressure techniques in your instructional videos. I must say that they worked and eased things TREMENDOUSLY. I am able now to apply the use of your pain relief techniques with great success. The stretching exercises were also very effective. Keep up the good job."

Peter Marchant
Reading, Berkshire

Back Pain Relief|Back Pain Therapy|Lower Back Pain Treatment
I know because I went through the painful journey myself and recovered, but I took the long road. If I had known then what I know now, I could've had the healthy life I dreamed of literally years sooner.

As a back pain sufferer for 12 years. I will show you how I cured my back pain in 10 days via the Natural way , the methods by which also saved myself from back surgery and helped me to stop wasting money on expensive painkillers and back pain treatments.

And I Challenge YOU to experience this for Yourself,

The unique Back Pain Free DaysUltimate 10 Day Recovery program can help you achieve and maintain a pain-free back today.


Acupressure: The Uncovered Alternative
Back Pain Therapy Solution

I know what I am going to share with you is difficult to believe. But amazingly, it is definitely the truth.

You may have tried many different methods and spent considerable sums on low back pain treatment but to no avail. I am about to reveal a breakthrough secret that cured my back ache in 10 days. Mind you, the program is non invasive and is extremely easy to administer to yourself (ie. self-help). It is safe and requires no back pain medication, prescription drugs, special equipment or invasive treatment (e.g. surgery). The improvement you then experience will help you restore your mobility and self esteem. You couldn't be happier after curing yourself of your long term back pain.

Real Testimonial

" Kenneth, the program is very good and there is no chance of getting confused about the acupoints and treating them. Among the different techniques in your book, I found the Meridian Touch Technique novel and very helpful approach to treat the spine. While I have used other methods, I am now incorporating your treatments to my daily routine. Great job.

Dalsukh Sanghvi,
Indore, India.

Would you like to experience Instant Back Pain Relief ?

Enter your Name and Primary Email on the right and I'll send you free instant access to "Discover Power Tips to Relieve Back Pain Instantly"

This report shows you some of the techniques used in the Back Pain Free Days – 10 Day Ultimate Recovery Program. These techniques may change your life forever.

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Personal Message From: Kenneth Tang


Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

I know how painful it is when you back hurts. I was a back pain sufferer myself since 12 years ago.

When I had my first acute back attack, I remembered lying on my bed, immobilised. The pain was intolerable even with any slightest movement. I finally managed to see an Orthopedic specialist who went through the usual X-ray and Magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ) tests, which eventually showed that my Lumbar 4 and 5 intervertebral discs (L4-L5) had spilled out – I was suffering from “herniated discs”. He suggested having surgery immediately. However, though I was in huge pain I was very nervous with undergoing surgery, thus I sought a second opinion.

As I limped myself into the consultation room of the second orthopedic specialist, he told me that if I could walk myself into the room (with a fair bit of struggling), I did not need surgery. Instead, he sent me for a 6-week long low back pain treatment. The treatment included traction, lower back pain exercises to strengthen my back and also teaching me the daily do's and don'ts to protect and improve my back.

At the end of the physiotherapy course, while I felt better, I did not recover completely. I began having chronic lumbar back pain i.e. I would feel fine for a few weeks or months and then suddenly the back pain would come back to haunt me again.

I was tremendously frustrated. I remembered asking myself,” Why me? What causes Back Pain? Do I have to live with this for the rest of my life?

I felt desperate and angry whenever my chronic lumbar back pain revisited me.

I was determined to find out what I could do better to better equip myself with knowledge for back care. Along the years, I have tried practically every type of treatment from chiropractors, acupuncture, massage, diet, acupressure, yoga, exercises for back pain, alternative medicine etc. In going through all these treatments, I took notes, did research on the respective treatments that I went through. In particular, I kept in mind those that helped me improve my back yet were simple enough to administer to myself (self-help methods), and still were safe and required minimal or no back pain medicine, special equipment and invasive treatment (e.g. surgery).

Finally, one day, I was introduced to Acupressure by a Yoga teacher. The acupressurist just pressed a few acupoints on my body and for the first time, astonishingly, I felt immediate pain relief . The treatment was short yet resolved my pain . I was able to walk out by myself without any help . I was back to my daily routine and to work within a few days. Since then, I learned and read everything I could to understand Acupressure to heal my back by myself.


Real Testimonial

"Kenneth, I tried using the acupressure points on the hands, arms, and feet, and found them to relieve the spine toa great extent. The acupoints were easy to find too. (the photos were quite clear). While the exercises are used are conventional, it strengthens the back muscles. What I like is through a short read, one can grasp and use the blueprint immediately to improve back pain"

Art Gerstal
Silver Spring
Maryland, USA

Through and after much research and practising the different treatments, I devised a Back Pain Free Days – Ultimate 10 Day Recovery Program – an effective way to recover well within a short period.

This 10 Day Blueprint applies the combination of acupressure, the power of touch as well as muscle strengthening lower back exercises to maintain the back's strength, balance and flexibility. Daily maintenance plus do's and don't's are also included to help the patient to become mindful of their daily postures when carrying out daily chores – critical to long-term back health.

Eighty percent of the population suffer from back pain at least once in their lifetime. I know personally what it is like to deal with chronic lumbar back pain problems physically, mentally and emotionally. Therefore, instead of just helping friends and family members on back care with the methods I learnt, I thought, why not write a manuscript to share the knowledge and help you and the many millions of people worldwide to get back to good health and thus carry on with your normal daily lives?

I know the burden and trouble you go through everyday. I have gone through episodes of back pain myself and have been trying many ways to get better just like you have. Now, I have recovered and so can you. I am 100 % confident that by embarking on the Ultimate 10-Day Recovery program, you can enjoy Back Pain Free Days, just as I am able to thanks to the methods used in the Program. Through the recovery process, it will bring happiness and confidence. Most of all, you will, hopefully, never have to go through another episode of back trouble again.

Would you like to experience Instant Back Pain Relief ?

Enter your Name and Primary Email on the right and I'll send you free instant access to "Discover Power Tips to Relieve Back Pain Instantly"

This report shows you some of the techniques used in the Back Pain Free Days – 10 Day Ultimate Recovery Program. These techniques may change your life forever.

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We will send the download link to your email address. No spam, Privacy Guaranteed

Do you want to have ....

  • Freedom from shoulder pain, spine pain, lower back pain or sciatica pain ?
  • No more mornings of anxiety or waking up fearing that your back will hurt, as you can be sure that you have a healthy back to go to work ?
  • The information about how you can STOP back ache naturally ? You can even be able to practice the treatment on yourself.
  • A robust back ? So that you can carry out your daily activities and even do the sports and play the games that you like.
  • Much better confidence and self esteem ? Once you have the knowledge to manage your back, you will feel like a ‘new' person totally free from back pain.
  • Freedom from taking back pain medicine which actually just mask the pain temporarily ? You avoid the side effects associated with prolonged use of back pain medication and thus have a healthier body as well.

If so….. This would be the Most Important Information You SHOULD EVER Read


May I ask you...

  • Do you worry about how your family will cope if you cannot recover from your back pain
  • Do you take prescription drugs or painkillers gives you little or no relief for back pain
  • Do you start to feel lousy when you are bedridden for a few days (maybe longer)
  • Because of limited mobility, your performance at work is compromised
  • Do you feel you life now revolve around your back condition
  • Are you spending a lot of money on herniated disc treatment or bulging disc treatment hoping to find a cure to your back yet yields little or no results ?

Fight your back pain by getting a copy of Back Pain Free Days™ - Ultimate 10 Day Recovery" Blueprint . It will show you how to Stop All of the Above.

  • You will get back pain relief almost immediately
  • You will start to regain your mobility to do things you want and spend more time with your family and friends.
  • You will regain your confidence and happiness

By following the Back Pain Free Days™ - Ultimate 10 Day Recovery systematic, simple to follow step-by-step instructions, you can .....

  • Get rid of most, if not all the pain in 10 days !
  • Live the way you alway wanted without any worry or fear.
  • You are more aware of what to do and what to avoid to maintain a healthy back.
  • Confidently pursue your goals and ambitions in life

    The Proof is in Customer Results !!

Real Testimonial

"I have this chronic back injury that keeps haunting me for years. I have tried different treatments like heat therapy, traction but the improvement were miminal. I have even considered surgery. But, since I started to use your 10 day blueprint, I must say that my back has regain a lot more mobility and I am in much more control of my life. I am also no more wearing my back brace. Your acupressure techniques are PROVEN and have saved me from surgery. It really works. "

Michelle Jacinda
Kao Shiung



Real Testimonial

“I have never tried any Eastern Medicine before. Nevertheless, I gave Acupressure a shot since I am feeling so much sciatica pain especially when I walk. After trying out your techniques a few days, my muscles and nerves felt looser. I can now walk without any more pain or worries. Your techniques truly work.”

Norman Nelson
California, USA



Real Testimonial

“The videos were very easy to follow. I was in an immobile state when I started using your treatment methods. I must say the pain relief acupoints work amazingly. I followed the 10 day program thoroughly and yes, it has cured my back problems. I see vast improvements in the 8th to 10th day. I could sleep so much better.”

Allison Miller

Here is what the “Back Pain Free Days – 10 Day Ultimate Recovery Program” Book Can Help You:

  • Discover how Acupressure can heal and restore your back pain. You will use the same all natural holistic program that I used to recuperate my back and enjoy back pain free days for over 10 years. It raises your self-esteem and boost your confidence.
  • Learn to feel when a acute back attack is about to happen. You will learn to recognize the symptoms and take action to prevent a back attack
  • Instant Relief for Back Pain . You will apply acupressure to certain points on your body to relieve pain almost immediately.
  • Show you what causes back pain and how to Stop Back Ache at its source. Instead of treating the pain symptoms via prescription drugs, toxins are removed via pressing the selected acupoints, thereby easing the stress on the back
  • Quickens the healing process. Through the application of Meridian Touch acupressure, it helps to realign the spine by enhancing the flow of energy or ‘qi' on the back
  • Treat yourself. While it is possible to be treated by another person, you are also able to conduct self help treatment on yourself. You do not need to depend on others to gain back your mobility.
  • “Back Pain Free Days” program can be carried out in the comfort of your home. You save time and money on doctor visits  
  • Effective Results without NO side effects. This program is free from back pain medication. There is no side effect since your body is not exposed to any back pain medicine. You basically press different points to harmonize your back.
  • Strengthen your Back. This program incorporates a set of low back exercises that is designed to strengthen the back muscles to hold your back steadily.
  • Maintain your Back. My book shows you the postures you should adopt to minimize back strain. A daily do's and don'ts is included to help you live with a happy back.
  • Ultimate Recovery Program. A holistic 10 day program that effectively addresses the pain as well as healing the body to restore the back functions and mobility.

Long-Term, Proven Results to Free Yourself from Back Ache

Before I found my solution, I was frustrated with living in pain day in day out and, like you, still desperately looking for different ways or miracle cures to end this misery.

Today, because I have the unique program, I do not panic anymore because I know what to do to recover quickly.

Those who do not have back pain now may not fully understand what I said until one day their back starts to hurt. Then , they really appreciate what we have gone through


It hurts you everyday, be it emotionally, psychologically or physically. You find life starting to get more and more meaningless as your condition deteriorates. You lose your confidence, your self esteem drops, and all this hinders your life pleasures.


But, you do not need to suffer FOREVER !

Believe me. I've been there, tried everything I could, before I finally found the secret to getting rid of my back pain.

And YOU, What About YOU?

  • How much suffering have YOU experienced?
  • How many different herniated disc treatment or bulging disc treatment have YOU tried with little or no improvement?
  • How much has YOUR back ache cost YOU in terms of your happiness, confidence, self esteem and relationships (not to mention money)?

Wouldn't you want to limit your visits to your doctor, consume fewer painkillers, back pain medication and gain mobility naturally and safely? This program pays for itself quickly. AND you can say GOODBYE to your Back Pain.

I know what your back pain is doing to you. I have felt the same frustration and pain experienced by other people as I have experienced such myself.


Real Testimonial

“Though I had back surgery for my degenerative L5 disc 4 years back, I still feel pain on and off for about a week each time my chronic back pains. During these periods, my mobile flexibility becomes limited. After trying out the Acupressure techniques described by your book, I felt so much better and got back my life. I don't feel stiff anymore. I have also become mindful of my postures in order to maintain my recovered robust back.”

Hirofumi Takahashi,

I CAN Help YOU Get Better

It took me 6 years of intensive research to devise this “Back Pain Free Days – Ultimate10 Day Recovery” program. The eBook is jam packed with explanations and pictures to show you exactly how you can apply acupressure to restore a healthy back and a Happy You.

Here is the chance -- you can beat back pain and transform your life

By following the program, you could be pain free much sooner than you expect and be living the way you have always wanted to without any limitations due to your back.

I reckon I could offer this Recovery Program at over $300 taking into consideration your current expenses in visiting doctors, on therapy treatments, prescription drugs, etc.

After careful review and analysis (internet technology has also reduced my business cost), I am willing to let you have immediate access to this genuine program for a one time cost of …


LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER: Because I Sincerely want to Help, I am going to Offer this Awesome Resource to the FIRST 50 32 21 people who respond at the incredible low Price of NOT $39.95, but


Buy now and get a $10 discount!

YES Kenneth, I Want to Beat My Back Pain NOW !!

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By Ordering Today, you will also get FREE Bonuses worth $19

Bonus 1: "Foot Reflexology Chart"
This chart shows you acupoints on the hand that corresponds to different parts of the human body

Bonus 2: "Foot Reflexology Chart"
This chart shows you acupoints on the feet that corresponds to different parts of the human body

With these bonuses, you may apply acupressure to treat other parts of your body that need relief in addition to the spine.

Better Than Risk-Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You know, if I said the program works for 100 percent of back ache sufferers, I would be lying. That said, I must add that I have an over 90 percent success rate with my clients who closely and diligently follow the methods described in the program.

"But, you have nothing to lose with our “No Hassle – 60 day Full Money Back Guarantee”. If you have Sincerely followed the program for 10 days and for any reason you feel that the "Back Pain Free Days – Ultimate 10 Day Recovery Program” is not helpful in relieving your back pain, I will issue you a full product refund. You get to keep the Bonuses too. I have worked long and hard to devise this program and I know it works.  I have testimonials from all over the world to prove it.  Take advantage of this special sale before the price increases."

“So, go ahead, order this ground breaking program today risk free and see how it transforms you into a happier person, with higher self esteem and more confidence thanks to a healthy back.

Note that I reserve the right to revert back to the original price of $39.95 once we reach the target quantity.


Real Testimonial

“I have spent thousands for my chronic lower back pain for over 10 years. I have spasms in my lower back and the pain shoots down to my right leg. Nothing help though I have tried chiropractory, back massages and heat treatments. I started your 10 day blueprint, I am glad to say that my back has recovered. The acupressure exercises relieve the pain and the stretching exercises tone my back muscles. I could hardly feel any more pain. I highly recommend your techniques to any back pain sufferer.”

Woo Kon Kim,


YES Kenneth, I Want to Beat My Back Pain NOW !!

You simply follow the methods highlighted to get results.

You may wonder if the program is so effective, why the medical community is not advocating acupressure as a prescription. If you are aware, acupressure therapy is approved by the WHO, World Health Organization. Most medical professions rely heavily on drugs and surgery, as those are believed to be the best approaches, though the success rates may vary. However, my program has actually helped patients where drugs have failed.

Having said that, I am in no position to recommend you to stop taking your back pain medication when you start my program. However, as you doctor begins to see an improvement in you, he will naturally reduce the dosage and perhaps even cancel your medicine consumption requirement.

No matter how long you have had your back pain, chronic or not, this program will help you banish your pain. By following this program, you will learn exactly how I cured myself of back pain in 10 days and how you CAN do the same.

So, do you want to continue suffering from back pain, waking up disappointed and face each painful day or do you eagerly hope for the day where you can have Back Pain Free Days?



Get Rid of Your Back Pain Now!

Do it today and in 10 days you will not only enjoy the freedom of moving around, but also feel a lot better about yourself!

Claim YOUR Back Pain Free Days™ eBook

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I also understand my purchase today will be backed 100% by the following better than risk-free 60 day money back guarantee: "If after sincerely giving the proven natural program within Back Pain Free Days™ a try, you do not find this helpful in curing of your back pain - I will give you a full refund of the purchase price - and you can take 60 days to decide."

Order Your Copy Today:

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Sincerely wishing you Back Pain Free Days.

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